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Review of Target for Terror by L.A. Iding

Target for Terror is has all of the elements that make for a good book: mystery, action, suspense, and romance all bundled together for one sexy, engaging read. Iding is definitely off to a good start with her new series centered on the work of Sloan and Jordan who have partnered together to create Security Specialists, Inc.  The history behind the startup of the company and the backstories of these two heroes are smoothly incorporated throughout the book without readers having too much exposition dumped on them all at once in the beginning of the story.


Watching the burgeoning relationship between Sloan and Natalia grow over the course of the book is what I enjoyed the most during my read. Natalia is distrustful of Sloan, as she should be; her life is in danger, and she’s all alone, unsure of who can be trusted. Sloan tries to keep her safe, but for the first half of the book, Natalia fights him every step of the way.  Early on, she’s antagonistic, sarcastic, and feisty…which surprisingly is a turn-on for Sloan, and he’s a sucker for her Russian accent when she insults him:


“Her husky tone sent fissions of heat flickering through his veins. There was something genetically wrong with him if he could be attracted to a woman who’d called him a pig.”


I found a lot of the conversational sparring between them to be quite amusing, and the touch of wry humor Iding sprinkles throughout the book gives readers a much needed respite from the otherwise serious and violent plot.


Target for Terror is not a light, easy read…at least it wasn’t for me. The plot is complex and involves many characters who may or may not be involved in a terrorist plot against the U.S, and in this book, the Cold War is still very much in effect as the tension between Russia and  the U.S. escalates, especially after the Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister is shot while delivering a speech in Washington, D.C.  I really had to pay attention to understand all the major players involved and their possible motivations for all the murders that take place. What’s so interesting is that Natalia, a regular everyday person and nurse, seems to be somehow connected to all of villains and their plans for power.  When the truth finally is revealed, I have to say, it was a shock! As Sloan and Natalia make their way through one crisis after another, they find lots of little surprises as they begin to figure out how everyone is connected.  Needless to say, there is a lot going on in this book.


The chemistry between Sloan and Natalia feels genuine, and the intimate scenes between them are hot but not so steamy, they make you blush. However, I do question the timing of these scenes.  The couple gives into their passion, hoping the “mind-numbing pleasure” will help them escape momentary from the worry, grief, and desperation they are feeling at the time. While some may completely understand their actions, if I were in their situation, sexual intimacy would not be at the top of my list…figuring out what to do next to survive would.  Like most readers of romance, I look forward to the “happily ever after” that I hope I’ll find in the resolution, and that HEA can come in many forms. Sloan and Natalia’s HEA was a bit too soon and too sappy for me. However, others may their resolution to be spot on after everything this couple has been through together.


Following the conclusion to the book, Iding gives readers a preview of what’s next in the sequel which features Jordan, and it’s clear this book will also be full of surprises that will catch both the characters and readers off guard. I’m already sucked in…so I’ll be keeping my eye out for the book’s release.


Source: I received a copy of the book from the author to provide an honest review.


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